Create your personalized LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] character sheet and standee before it's too late!

Written and directed by Matthew D. Wilson and shot on the RED Epic camera system, [WELCOME TO] LEVEL 7 takes viewers on a terrifying eight-minute thrill-ride into the bowels of a secret government-run underground facility where humans work side-by-side with extraterrestrials in an effort to forward a mysterious agenda.

The short film follows John, an unwary abductee, who awakens in this hostile techno-dungeon with no sense of where he is or how to escape. As John flees for his life through the perilous labyrinth of horrors, we come face-to-face with the inhuman denizens that stalk the shadows and gain an unwelcome glimpse into the dark purpose of this forsaken place.

[WELCOME TO] LEVEL 7 is one facet of the greater LEVEL 7 experience. Discover more of this setting's dark secrets through the links below.